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Four persons making the news about gender balance!

The presentation of four persons' involvement and work in the gender balance field that we believe are worth to be known. Don't hesitate to share and add names and presentations to this short list!



EMMANUELLE DUEZ is a young entrepreneur and co-creator with Adeline Braescu-Kerlan of the grandes écoles students network WoMen’Up. This association deals with gender parity issues at work, focusing its reflection on Y generation. Indeed, Emmanuelle Duez is convinced that Y generation’s new and innovator look can bring concrete solutions to gender equality issues that still exist today. To go forward on this topic, please read this interview of Emmanuelle Duez about why she founded WoMen’Up (interview in french). You can also watch her talk (in french also) at the 2015 Positive Economy Forum hold at Le Havre. Follow their Twitter accounts @manou_bo-
son and @Women_up!

NATASHA QUESTER-SÉMÉON is the co-foundator with F. Salomon of Girl Power 3.0, a female influence network. Its aim is to promote female models-roles from the information, digital or art domains, managers or entrepreneurs. Follow them on Twitter : @girlpower3 @NatachaQS and @tfsalomon

ANTOINE DE GABRIELLI wants to involve men in diversity politics throught the association he founded, Mercredi c papa. Very involved himself, he is also a member of the Commission Egalité professionnelle hommes-femmes of the Medef*, of the Club XXIe siècle and of the Association Française des Managers de la Diversité (AFMD). With his association, he condemns the weight of stereotypes on women as well as the weight of social success and power representations men have to bear. He wants to speak directly to men in order to improve their personal and professional balance, especially with the Happy Men program. Here is an interview (in french) about his involvment in professional and personal life. You can also visit the Mercredi c papa website!

* Medef : Mouvement des Entreprises de France, a managerial trade union which aims to represent french compagnies and entrepreneurs to the State and trade union organisations.

JONATHAN EISEN is a molecular biologist at the University of California (UC) Davis. He was one of the first scientists to refuse to participate to academic conferences, colloquium or talks where women are less represented than men in the speakers team. He strongly criticises the general apologies given by the organizers when he asks them why there is no gender balance, such as “Women are too shy”, or “Women just aren’t interested in this field”. According to him, organizers are sadly not always aware of their gender biases, while their role should be to improve female representation at their events. You can read an example of exchange between Jonathan Eisen and an organizer who invited him to a lectureship with a gender imbalance on his website The Tree of Life.


What about you?

Who is your actual rock star in the gender equality field?




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