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What’s new?! Three projects to know about gender parity problematics

There are many projects working on gender balance, professional equality problematics. So we propose you a range of three projects that caught our attention this month. Stay turned, we will soon present you other projects!





The aim of this project is to shake our personal ideas, prejudices and received ideas about gender-related behaviour, which is dictated by social pressure and adopted by children in their very young age. The association behind the project, lab-elle, gathers testimonies and questions refering to real situations and proposes answers understandable by everyone. These answers raise people’s awareness, sowing here and there scientific concepts intelligible thanks to their insertion into a precise context.

Un exemple de question venant d'un-e internaute sur le site aussi.ch

An example of question on the website aussi.ch

Aussi.ch is aimed at relatives, teachers and everyone who is interested in child and gender problematics! For those who want to learn more, the project also proposes a bibliography composed of documentaries, scientific publications, tools for education professionals and fictions about gender question.

The association lab-elle created a label which promotes illustrated albums offering non-stereotyped men and women, boys and girls representations and roles breaking down the barriers. To learn more about the association, please read their presentation and goals on their website!



This tumblr gathers conferences, colloquium, seminars and other events where only all male panels have been spotted. With a touch of irony, the captions describe the context where the picture has been taken. This project helps us to become aware of the overly male contexts in which important decisions are taken, sometimes directly concerning women. We especially think about the picture representing three male experts commenting on Turkish president’s words, “choosing not to be a mother is being half a woman”, which may strongly interest women at the first place!

The internet users are invited to share their photo describing similar situations by affixing the tumblr stamp on it.

Une photo prise lors d'une conférence sur le futur de la musique

A picture taken during a conference about the future of music



Genderavenger is a project pointing out events where women are under-represented in speakers panels. Gina Glantz and Susan Askew, the two co-founders, were tired of assisting to conferences or watching televised debates where women did not participate to the conversation.

By using their networks, they realised that it was possible to actually do something with these lists of unequal events. Genderavenger is not only a space highlighting an unequal colloquium, it is a community of people who want to change things! The website proposes  a wall of fame and shame, where equal events are listed. The project also has a blog where it publishes articles about how to avoid only all male panels or explaining the consequences of the lack in models-roles for women in STEM field, with the final aim to help us learn more on gender parity problematics.

Un exemple de #HallofFame qu'épingle Genderavanger

An example of #HallofFame pinned by Genderavanger




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