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Get some news and updates about ItCounts, the smartphone application to count, share and learn from gender ratios datas!

Discover ItCounts

An open source, citizen science crowd-sourcing application to promote gender balance, anytime, anywhere. Count sex ratios, vizualise data, share data, and learn from data.

Why ItCounts?

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In Europe women represent 33% of the european scientific community, in the USA about 5.12% of airline or commercial pilots are women, and in the world 86% of the business angels are men. Today we know that a lack of gender equality in sciences, business, politics, arts or medicine has big consequences for society as a whole, so it’s time for change! However the debate about representation in diverse fields between men and women often becomes heated or seems reserved to experts. More than ever we need a tool that is objective, quantitative, and easy, to talk about gender equality.

What is ItCounts ?                   

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ItCounts is a community of people who want to make gender equality a reality in everyday life. The main tools of the community are an app and a website that allow every user to report sex ratios in professional and personal life in less than 2 minutes, to share and analyse them to learn from data, and bring concrete solutions to observed numbers.


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What to do with the data collected by ItCounts ?                   

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ItCounts data is available to be downloaded free by anyone on the website itcounts-app.org allowing anyone to analyze it easily; ItCounts is part of the open data movement.

The counts collected by the users will be used to:

  • make people more aware of gender equality issues by publishing infographies every month based on the data
  • diagnose specific institutions, companies and disciplines to help identify inequalities everywhere
  • promote actions in favor of gender equality by spotting, underlining and sharing good practices with the involved community
  • create knowledge and an active community by developing research projects and sharing our findings

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Who is behind ItCounts

ItCounts is a project created and implemented by a french Non Profit Organization , WAX Science that promotes stereotype free science through creation and dissemination of innovative tools.

If you’re interested in WAX Science, please contact us : contact@wax-science.org


Facebook : ItCounts app

Twitter : @itcountsapp

App available on the stores : ItCounts

Website : itcounts-app.org

Email : contact@itcounts-app.org

You can download ItCounts presentation here !


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